Keep the malaise at bay

It seems like everywhere I turn, someone is mentioning how they just got over being sick, or their kid is sick, or their spouse is sick....The flu and a variety of other maladies seem to be wreaking havoc on everyone I know this winter. Being sick is crummy enough, but being sick and having to care for a sick child at the same time, well there should be an award for that, as that is no small feat. So while this winter season seems to be particularly bad in terms of illnesses, and we can't totally avoid it, there are some things we can do proactively to try to keep the germs from entering our stratosphere. I am all about taking extra Vitamin C doses, drinking warm tea, and getting to bed e

Love is in the air...

It's February! And that means every grocery store and Dollar Tree has an endless supply of red and pink treats enticing us to spend money on chocolate we don't even want in our homes in the first place. I do actually like Valentine's Day. Heck, these days I'll take any excuse for a date night! And I fell in love (pun intended) with Valentine's Day in a whole new way last year watching my two year old examine his Valentine's Day treats and cards from his friends at daycare. He was SO excited. It made the day fun in a way I hadn't experienced before. All that to say, Valentine's Day is great, with the right mindset and expectations. BUT, the love I really want to talk about today, is lo

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