Real Women. Real Stories. Part 3.

Sharon Praissman Fisher is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and co-author of Beyond The Egg Timer: A Companion Guide To Having Babies in Your Mid-Thirties and Older. She blogs on Psychology Today,, and She is also a wife, mother, Buddhist lay teacher, and Chesapeake Bay sailor. She is passionate about helping women through all stages of their life and does so though her private practice, Nurtured Well, LLC, in Baltimore, MD. This is Sharon's story. I had my first child at 38, the second at 40. That was not my plan. I got married at 33 after dating my husband for 3 years. We started trying for a baby soon after our wedding. We were r

2109: Your best year yet?!

Well here it is folks, 2019. When you think back on 2018, what stands out? I would challenge you to start by focusing on what you did well. Did you implement a new exercise routine that is actually working for you? Did you start ordering your groceries online and experiencing the relief of stress involved with trying to grocery shop with young kiddos in tow? Did you make a new friend? By highlighting the things we did well, it helps us to focus on the positive and can be much more encouraging than just thinking about what we want to change. If you stuck with a new goal last year, than maybe your goal for this year is simply to keep sticking with it! Focus on being the best YOU you ca

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