Real Women. Real Stories. Part 4.

Intro by Liz Kent: I am honored to share this story from my friend, Sarah. Sarah and I went to college together, so we've known each other through lots of big life changes-first jobs, getting married, and having kids. Sarah is funny, genuine, and loyal, all of which make her a great friend. She's a first grade teacher, wife, and mother to two young kiddos. She wanted to share her story to give other mothers hope. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m hoping that by sharing my story of PPA and PPD, that it might make someone who is struggling, feel less alone. My whole life, I have dealt with varying degrees of anxiety, but it wasn’t until starting my fam

Spice it up

It's the month of loooooove and some people this conjures up feelings of giddiness and for some it brings about feelings of dread. Last year I wrote about lovin' on yourself for Valentine's Day (check it out here) and I still highly recommend making time for that. But, I also think it is so important to invest in relationships. Even though I only see individuals as clients in my private practice, one of the main topics people want to talk about is their communication and interactions in their marriages. The majority of my clients are parents of young kids and since I am also a parent of young kids-I understand how difficult it can be to carve out time for your marriage. It's easy to fal

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