Real Stories. Part 8.

Intro by Liz Kent: So normally, I have a brave woman I know share their story about their motherhood journey on my blog once a month. But in honor or Father's Day tomorrow and International Father's Mental Health Day, my husband so wonderfully volunteered to write about his journey into fatherhood. (Okay, I had to ask him and he hesitantly obliged-he had no idea it was International Father's Mental Health Day and probably wasn't even thinking that much about Father's Day). I am lucky enough to have both a father and a husband who take their dad role seriously. Thus, I have had the amazing opportunity to witness the powerful experience of watching a man truly engage in parenting. We ce

Summer Bucket List

Summer is practically here-yippee! I love summer-warm weather, fun things to do outside, laid back attitudes...If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that this time last year, I was recovering from ankle surgery, which meant I missed out on being able to do some of the fun summer things with my kids because I literally could not go anywhere with them for weeks. So, I am feeling all gung-ho this summer to do all the fun things. You may also remember from my blogs last summer, that while I may love fun summer activities, I am also a huge advocate of not over-committing. So, keep that in mind when you check out our summer .bucket list. Feel free to borrow as many (or a

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