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Mom's Therapeutic Group

Meets virtually on the Thursdays at 1pm | Led by Kristen Norris, LCPC

Motherhood can be overwhelming, exhausting and isolating. Add to that the additional stressors over this past year, and it can be a recipe for tremendous stress and anxiety. This group is designed to give moms a safe space to feel supported and understood in their feelings without judgement. We hope to be able to connect moms through various stages of motherhood, whether you’re home with a new baby or have a child going off to school for the 1st (or 5th) time. The goal of this group is to explore topics in motherhood that are not always discussed, to offer participants emotional support and to give them the tools necessary to lead a fulfilling and present life with their families.


Topics will include:

- Body Image

- COVID-related stressors

- The evolution of marriage and relationships with your partner    throughout motherhood

- Setting boundaries and self-care

- The “shoulds” of mothering and the impact of social media

- Identity after kids: work-life, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Private Parties
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