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Beating the winter slump

Halfway through January and how many of us have fallen off the New Year's resolution wagon? Research shows that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by the second week of February (Keeping New Year's Resolutions). It's easy to start off the year motivated after abandoning restraint during the holidays. We start off the year ready for change, but when our expectations for change are unrealistic, it can be hard to stick with new routines. The fact that it's been gray and below freezing out certainly doesn't help. Many people experience the 'January Blues', experiencing let-down after the holidays and a decrease in mood. Let's face it, the cold and dark can be somewhat depressing. But there are ways we beat the winter blues. Finding ways to refocus those goals and resolutions you set so that they are motivating and realistic can help you get back on track (Check out my blog from earlier this month on how to set attainable goals). Taking time to get outside and what little of the sun there is, can positively impact your mood (January Blues? 5 Tips To Avoid The Post-Holiday Slump). research also shows that looking outside of ourselves and finding ways too help others can tremendously improve our moods. Whether it's finding a volunteering opportunity, committing to doing more random acts of kindness, or simply focusing on showing empathy to those around, research indicate that setting our focus outside of ourselves can boost self-esteem and increase a positive outlook on life (Ways to beat the January blues; Ways to beat the winter blues). So, refocus and get going-you still have 96% of the year left to make positive changes!

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