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Anxiety Counseling near Baltimore


Excessive worry. Irrational fears. Panic attacks. Feeling anxious. Life can be stressful.  Anxiety can be draining. Anxiety left untreated can impact how we process emotions and can cause disruptive physical symptoms. We work with clients to identify and change the harmful thought patterns that are causing anxiety. We help clients learn to cope by encouraging them to confront their fears. We introduce strategies to guide clients to change their reactions to triggering situations. If you are suffering, we can help you develop practical strategies to decrease feelings of stress, anxiety and worry.

Postpartum Counseling

Maternal Mental Health

Becoming a mother is not like it's pictured in the movies. It can be overwhelming and exhausting. You may be in the early newborn stage, dealing with the stresses of toddlerhood, or navigating school-aged children's woes. We would love to help you develop a sense of competence and enjoyment in whatever phase of motherhood you find yourself in. We love supporting our clients in how mom-ing impacts your identity, your body image and your relationships. We also specialize in supporting moms from pre-conception (including fertility struggles and perinatal and infant loss) through  perimenopause and everything in between.

Relationship Counseling

Interpersonal Issues

Significant others...Family...Friends...Co-workers...We are in relationships with lots of people in our lives. Sometimes our patterns of communication can be detrimental to growth within those relationships. This can cause distress to our own mental health. Our mental well being can be influenced by difficulties we’re experiencing in everyday interactions with others. We would love to help you  improve communication and relational skills to better enjoy your interactions with others. Individual or couples therapy can support improving interpersonal functioning.

Private Parties
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