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Perissos Therapy welcomes The TEARS Foundation Center for Child Loss and Kids Grief Support

For those that have been in person to the Perisoss Therapy office, you may have noticed some new signage on your way up to the office. Or perhaps you noticed a new face or occupied room in the office. The new signage reads—The TEARS Foundation Center for Child Loss and Kids Grief Support. I want to take a few moments to introduce you to these resources as well as say hello as an individual.

My name is Jessica Correnti, I am a Certified Child Life Specialist, the Director of the Maryland TEARS Center for Child Loss, the Maryland Chapter of The TEARS Foundation Chapter Leader, and the Owner of Kids Grief Support. I am also a mom—I have two living children at home (7 and 4 years old) and several babies that died that I miss every day. My story is my why. My story of recurrent pregnancy loss is the reason and purpose behind my work with both The TEARS Foundation and Kids Grief Support.

What is The TEARS Foundation?

The TEARS Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides financial and emotional support to families that have gone through pregnancy, infant, and child loss. The national TEARS organization has been around since 2002, with the Maryland Chapter being founded in 2018. There are over 20 other chapters around the country and a few international chapters. Over the last four years the Maryland Chapter of The TEARS Foundation has provided free peer-based monthly support groups for bereaved families, numerous memorial gatherings, one-on-one support to grieving individuals, and assisted over 30 families with their funeral expenses. The TEARS Foundation works closely with a dedicated group of volunteers, local hospitals, and maternal healthcare providers to assure that families that have gone through pregnancy, infant, and child loss have the resources and support needed to cope with the unimaginable.

Our Maryland Chapter has been dreaming of having a physical location for families to come together for this support for quite some time. We can now say-- thanks to Perissos Therapy-- we have a home. We have a healing space for grieving families to come in for support groups and one-on-one support. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn about our events as well as to gain support in a virtual platform. If you would like to schedule an appointment in our Center for Child Loss please email us:

What is Kids Grief Support?

Kids Grief Support is a child life private practice that provides support to children who are grieving in any capacity. Clients may be seeking psychosocial support after the death of a family member or loved one or they could be grieving another type of loss (moving, major diagnosis within the family, life transition/injury/trauma). Kids Grief Support uses evidenced-based practice and a deep knowledge and understanding of child development and play modalities to help children process, understand, and heal through major life events causing grief. After the death of a loved one or another grief experience within the family, caregivers often wonder what to tell their children and how they can best support them through the experience. Kids Grief Support is available as a professional resource to help children understand and process through play-based therapeutic sessions either in person or virtually. Parent consultation sessions are also available to help give caregivers the tools to support their children at home. More information about Kids Grief Support can be found on or on Instagram @kidsgriefsupport.


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