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If you Want to Communicate with Men, Use M.E.N.

Intro by Liz Kent:

Our practice was asked recently to contribute and share insights to a blog entitled "How To Ask A Guy To Talk About His Feelings." I asked Jessica Miller, LCPC if she'd be willing to take this on and her response was "If only I knew!" and we had a good laugh about it. Even as therapists, trained in communication skills, we can still have challenges in improving interpersonal communication within our own relationships. The key is to recognize that improved communication is an ongoing process. Check out the linked article below, in which Jessica was able to sum up her best tips on ways to communicate with men using one smart acronym - M.E.N.

M- MODEL openness. 

E- ENJOY each other’s company (while) ELICITING vulnerable topics. 

N- NOTICE and accept differences. 

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.”

~ Nat Turner


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