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The holidays are upon us! And with that often comes a significant increase in stress. What's supposed to be a time to reflect on the year, think about what we are thankful for, and enjoy time with our families can often end up being a whirlwind of gift buying, food prepping, and running around to dozens of holiday activities and events. This kind of stress can have a negative impact on our mental and physical well being. Some people begin feeling depressed when the high expectations we have set for the season aren't met. Others become run down and exhausted from trying to cram into too much. Doing a little bit of thoughtful preparation can be extremely helpful in managing stress during this time. The holidays don't have to be so overwhelming! Check out tips from the Mayo clinic on managing holiday stress.

Focusing our attention on the things that really matter can make a world of difference in navigating busy seasons. Try focusing on what you are grateful for in your life by using these tips: It's a great time to start this as a practice you implement all year long. Here's to healthy, enjoyable, happy holidays!

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