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Spotlight Series: October Edition

This month's spotlight features Jessie Bernstein, owner of Moksha Massage.

1. How did you get started with your business/career?

As a second generation massage therapist, I always knew I wanted massage therapy to play a role in my career. Originally it was to be physical therapy, and then I decided to take a shift and finish out my health science degree and go right into massage school. I started in geriatrics with hospice support at a nursing home, and with experience at a spa at the same time. Eventually that lead to more specific practice of my specialties.   2. What are you passionate about when it comes to your clients? When it comes to my clients, autonomy is a big deal for me as a practitioner. As long as my clients are safe, and it doesn't cause harm, my clients' consent and expectations are vital to be able to provide the best support for them, as we work together on a plan.  3. What are your specialties? My specialities are reproductive health: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum as well as oncology massage, in addition to teaching infant massage.  4. How does your work provide relief/insight or other benefits to your clientele? The work I do helps people reconnect to their body, no matter the journey they are on, in a time of healing. From fertility treatments, to being pregnant and experiencing birth, and even loss- the body changes and that can be a lot for some people. Every person has a different experience, and the sessions are individualized as such.  5. Anything else you would like to share? (Programs, classes, special info in times of Covid?) We have a month long series of programs for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness in October, infant massage classes every month (virtual), Pineapple Connections (virtual) - a peer-to-peer support group for those dealing with fertility hiccups. During this time of uncertainty, I've been encouraging my clients to get outside in nature as much as possible and to move their body as they feel comfortable, a big fan of kitchen dancing. 

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