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Hug a Social Worker in March!

March is National Social Work Month! There are more than 650,000 social workers in the United States, working in a wide variety of settings (Social Work Month). When I was 22 years old and it was suggested to me that I go to grad school for social work, I envisioned myself behind a glass ticket window passing paper "food stamps" to people and wasn't sure why I needed a Master's Degree to do that. Back then, I didn't know how food stamps actually got distributed...clearly (hint: behind plate glass is definitely not it) but I did know I wanted to counsel people; and really help them. I was encouraged to check out the University of Maryland's School of Social Work, right here in our own Baltimore City. Come to find out University of Maryland - Baltimore is ranked 17th for Best Grad School Social Work programs (out of well over 200) by US News & World Report. And so began my journey into the world of social work.

Many people don't understand what a social worker does or can do, which is understandable considering there are dozens of paths one could take within this field. Some clinical settings where social workers could find employment include hospitals, schools, community programs, research institutions, outpatient mental health centers, and government service agencies, just to name a few. "Clinical social workers are the largest group of professionally trained mental health providers in the US, providing over half of all counseling and therapy services" (Clinical Social Work). Clinical social work also includes private practice, which is where I find myself today with Perissos Therapy. While I have worked in a handful of the above-mentioned clinical settings, I have found my niche in private practice, where I get to spend my time helping my ideal clients (individuals experiencing anxiety, stress, sleep issues, postpartum issues, relationship issues, parenting issues, etc). I am passionate about improving maternal mental health, especially for those parenting young children. I love working with moms. The transition to motherhood is so rewarding, yet so challenging. It can be lonely & anxiety-provoking. Finding the right work/life balance as a mom can be particularly difficult. As our kids grow, navigating new stages of parenting can bring up lots of emotions (for us and our kids)! For me, social work is rewarding because I get to help people develop strategies to feel better and that allows them to live fuller, more abundant lives. 

So if you know a social worker, give them a hug this month and tell them you appreciate what they do!

hands painted red for march and national social worker month
Social workers bring joy to our lives!

For more information on what social workers do, how to become a social worker, or how to decide to pursue a career in this field, check out the below links:


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