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Therapy Makes People Happy - Invest In Yourself!

Yesterday I came across an article called 'Want to Be Much Happier? Science Says Do 1 of These 8 Things.' In it, the article cites 8 specific things research shows will increase one's happiness. Number 4 on that list is - investing in therapy. The article cites research that indicates that therapy is 32 times more likely to increase a person's happiness than money is. THIRTY TWO TIMES! Crazy, right? I would venture to argue that this is partly because therapy improves a person's ability to manage stress, improve relationships, and feel more satisfied with his/her life. It takes time. It takes effort. But even the research shows us, it is well worth the investment, so go ahead and invest in yourself! If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, feel free to touch base for an initial consult to see if I might be a good fit as YOUR therapist!

Therapy make people happy,
Therapy is better than money!


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