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Love is In the Air...Indulge in Self-Care

It's February! And that means every grocery store and Dollar Tree has an endless supply of red and pink treats enticing us to spend money on mass-produced chocolates and character-themed Valentine's Day cards for our kids' classmates. As a mother/caregiver, sometimes Valentine's Day can just feel like another check mark on the to-do list. Having a love-themed holiday smack dab in the middle of February makes it a perfect time to spend a little time loving on ourselves a little more fiercely and we shouldn't miss out on that opportunity to pamper ourselves. So let's talk about self-care, why it's important, and why it's so challenging to implement.

Self-care is quite literally the care of oneself (To the moms reading: check out that 2nd bullet in Webster's definition here). So why is it important? Self-care is a crucial aspect of maintaining overall well-being, encompassing intentional actions and practices that promote physical, mental, and emotional health. If research shows that practicing self-care is so good for us, then why don't we do more of it? Many reasons limit a person's access to self-care activities including time and energy, finances, lack of childcare, etc. BUT the biggest reason we hear about this is that many women are spending all their time caring for others (spouses/partners, children, parents, friends, etc.) and putting their own needs last. Everyone else gets taken care of first and then there's often not enough time/energy/money/etc to take care of you.

If you are that mom/woman/caregiver who finds yourself in that position then you might want to re-think your approach because you must take care of yourself to be able to maintain care for others. If you burn the candle at both ends, you won't have anything left to give. Taking care of yourself is a way of taking care of your children. It is good for them and you! Remember that self-care is individualized, and it's important to tailor your self-care practices to your unique needs and preferences. Consistently incorporating self-care into your routine contributes to improved overall well-being and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

woman relaxing at a spa for self-care
Self-care is not selfish. It is necessary for our own mental health & wellness.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day here is a list of some indulgent self-care activities that many mothers/women/caregivers might not feel consistently deserving of in their day-to-day lives. While we realize that some of these ideas go beyond the basics, this list is designed to encourage pampering and nurturing your mind, body and spirit beyond what is typically deemed necessary.

Here are some indulgent self-care ideas to treat yourself:

  • Spa Day: Treat yourself to a professional spa treatment, such as a massage, facial, or body scrub. If that's not feasible, create a DIY spa day with high-quality skincare products and relaxation techniques.

  • Gourmet Treats: Indulge your taste buds with high-quality, decadent treats. Whether it's your favorite artisanal chocolates, a fancy cheese platter, or a gourmet meal, savoring delicious food can be a delightful form of self-care.

  • Luxurious Loungewear: Treat yourself to soft, comfortable loungewear or luxurious pajamas. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and spend the day lounging in comfort.

  • Reading Retreat: Set aside a day to immerse yourself in a good book or a series of your choice. Create a cozy reading nook with blankets and pillows, and allow yourself to get lost in the pages.

  • Indulgent Sleep-In Day: Allow yourself to sleep in without any guilt. Create a comfortable and serene sleep environment and enjoy the luxury of a leisurely morning.

  • Concert or Theater Night: Attend a live performance, whether it's a concert, play, or musical. Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment for a night of indulgent enjoyment.

  • Wine or Chocolate Tasting: Organize a wine or chocolate tasting at home or at a restaurant. Select a variety of wines or chocolates, savoring each flavor and taking your taste buds on a delightful journey.

For additional resources on practicing self-care, consider these articles:


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