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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...Simplify the Holidays!

little girl putting up christmas decorations on a tree
Simplify the holidays by embracing the small moments.

We made it through Thanksgiving and I hope you were able to manage it with minimal stress and enjoy being with the people for whom you are most thankful. Now the chaos of December is upon us and thinking about managing holiday stress is even more relevant. The irony is that some of the events that make the holiday the most fun can also cause a spike in stress.

I love all the festive events, especially for young kids, but I am also trying HARD to simplify our lives this December and recognize that to do that, we can't attend every fun activity that presents itself. So what does that look like practically? Aligning your commitments with the overall values and focus you want your family to have during the holidays can help prioritize your schedule during this hectic season. It can be difficult to say no to various activities because, well, they all sound great. By choosing a couple of key events that are in line with your family's values and priorities for the season, it can be easier to decrease the guilt about not saying "yes" to everything. Picking out a few traditions to participate in will help your family enjoy the activity and ideally, walk away with a memory that will last. Here are some great links with strategies on how to improve your ability to streamline your calendar and truly enjoy the holiday season.

Here's to a happy holiday!


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